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The underworld is being ruled by a syndicate, known as the Fat Cat Mafia.
These notorious gangsters are known particularly for controlling the economy by distributing and smuggling catnip into what was once a save haven of a country.
Coming together from all around the world, there are many classes of elite fat felines, but none of them compare to the chunkiest of them all.
THE CAT, pioneer of organized crime, inventor of money laundering and the highest up in the familia.


Not all are equal in the Mafia. Organized crime needs structure. Do what the boss says or there could be consequences. There are 9 distinctive species of cats, 5 individual member classes and more than 100 unique traits and attributes that all lead up to a total of 2222 unique NFTs. Which member of our family will you mint?

The Cat (House Cat)
The Don, The King, THE CAT!
Whatever this man commands any member of the family must obey. THE Cat makes all of the important decisions and has more power and wealth than multiple countries combined.
The Boss (Lion, Tiger)
Bosses are second in command, the most loyal and closest members to THE Cat. They are the representative for the Don, ensuring he keeps his power and wealth.
Assassins (Snow Leopard, Black Panther)
You know how the saying "cat in the bag" got popularized? "Cat in the bag" is a reference to the 1995 massacre in Catington, where sworn loyalists to THE CAT, known as the assassins, kept the crooked cats in place and the structure of the family upright. Assassins are very well known for their brutal nature and being only submissive to the higher ups in the family hierarchy. Yet, still they respect the lower classes of the family, as long as they don’t dishonor or disrespect the family
Crook Cats (Lynx, Puma, Cheetah)
Crook Cats are the lowest ranking members of the family. Responsible for the grunt work down here, which involves killin´ cats and dealin´ a whole lotta catnip. Being a made cat means no one can mess with you.
Can Carwlers (Stray Cat)
Lowest of the low. The scum that roams the streets and robs the elderly for their next fix. No type of honor to be found, would sell their own family for just one fix of catnip. Yet still appreciated by THE CAT for being exploitable to commit some of the most gruesome crime. Known for feeling no empathy.


We’ve set up multiple goalposts for the farm. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin executing towards the stated goal.

Launch of Website
Launch of Discord
Launch of first project
Start of marketing campaign
? (TBA)
First 1000 holders will get the chance to be rewarded with a free FCM NFT

3% of total secondary sales will be used to sweep the floor!
? (TBA)
FCM Merchandise drop
? (TBA)
Special giveaway to random holders

Fat Cat Academy announcement and details to the finished Fat Cat Metaverse!
? (TBA)
Top 100 Holders will get Pre-Sale access to the second project Fat Cat Academy

Game reveal!
More details coming soon
Make sure to follow our Discord
1:1 NFC tagged stuffed animal!
Our holders will be granted a delivery of a 1:1 stuffed animal version of their NFT, tagged with a NFC Tag, through which the holder could access and view their original NFT on the Solana Blockchain.

OUR Team






What is Fat Cat Mafia?

Fat Cat Mafia is a collection of 2222 slightly overweight unique kitten, that run the most notorious crime structure on the Solana Blockchain.

Why Solana Blockchain?

Our project and our handcrafted randomization process ensure the NFT holders not just aesthetically pleasing profile picture NFTs, but also an environmentally friendly alternative to all Ethereum running projects.

When is the drop?

The presale starts December 10th and the public sale December 11th.

What is going to be the public mint price?

The price will be 1.6 SOL.

How many can I mint?

At public mint, up to 10 NFTs are mintable per wallet, to ensure that everyone gets their chance at joining our community!

Where will the minting take place?

The minting will take place on our official website. http://www.fatcatmafia.io/ keep and eye at the announcement channels in Discord for the exact link and beware of scammers.

What wallet can I use?

IPhantom (our favorite), Slope and Solflare are just some of the wallets with the ability to mint on our website.

When reveal?

Right after minting.

Why should I own a FCM NFT?

Beyond the fact that Cats are awesome and Ancient Egypt woorshipped them, we believe the future of NFTs are interactive, and that owning a NFT should provide value beyond holding. Fat Cat Mafia will provide this exclusive Community of elite holders with many positive aspects, through which their holding can be rewarded.

Join our Community to partake in the family business.

Stay up-to-date with all things regarding Fat Cats, Participate in giveaways, and meet new likeminded people in our Discord group!